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Demand for Coworking Offices in Metro Cities of India

Demand for Coworking Offices in Metro Cities of India

India is the 3rd largest startup hotspot in the World is quickly progressing every day. If you’re wondering about setting your office space in India check the coworking offices in Metro cities of India for a clearer idea.

How does Coworking Spaces in Metro Cities of India Rank

Demand for Coworking Offices in Metro Cities of India

According to Statistics, the coworking spaces in metropolitan cities of India are growing with up to 9,600 coworking seats available in India at present. Explore how the top metro cities in India rank based on coworking space area and seats below.

·        DELHI

With 1.04 Million coworkers, Delhi is the top metro in India for coworking offices. It is aimed at 0.70 Million enterprises. Delhi offers 250,000 sq. ft. space with up to 2,500 coworking seats.

In Delhi, the highest coworking spaces are occupied by enterprise clients. With up to 67% coworking spaces or 0.70 Million market size, enterprise clients lead the market. Out of which, 23% are SME with 0.08 Million market size and 10% freelancers at 0.08 Million.

·        MUMBAI

With about 1.25 Million coworkers, Mumbai has 0.83 Million enterprise clients for coworking spaces. Mumbai leads the total square feet of coworking space in India with 400,000 sq. ft. and 2,500 coworking seats!

The enterprising clients comprise 67% or 0.83 Million market size while SME is 23% 0.28 Million market size. Startups and freelancers occupying coworking spaces comprise 10% or 0.11 Million.

·        BANGALORE

Bangalore offers 0.57 Million in market size with up to 0.37 comprising of Enterprises. You can find up to 95,000 sq. ft. space in Bengaluru for coworking with up to 1,550 coworking seats!

Enterprising clients comprise of 65% or 0.37 Million in market size in Bengaluru. The SME allocation of market size in Bangalore is 22% or 0.13 Million while startups and freelancers occupy 13%.

Other Coworking Metro Cities of India

How does Coworking Spaces in Metro Cities of India Rank

Besides, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, there are many other coworking metro cities in India thriving in the commercial real estate.

·        Kolkata

Occupying 100,000 sq. ft, Kolkata offers the third largest coworking area in India after NCR and Mumbai. Kolkata offers 1.790 coworking seats as of 2017.

·        Chennai

With total coworking area of 80,200 square feet, Chennai is a thriving coworking metro city in India. Chennai offers 300 coworking seats in 2017. Enterprising clients in Chennai take up 67% total coworking market size while SMEs take 23% and startups/ freelancers account for 13%.

·        Hyderabad

Offering 25,000 square feet of area, Hyderabad has 0.42 Million market size for coworking office spaces. Hyderabad offers 750 seats with 65% enterprise clients, 22% SMEs and 13% Startups and Freelancers.

·        Pune

Providing 36,200 square feet of surface area of coworking offices in India, Pune offers 200 seats for coworkers. Pune has a market size of 0.39 Million of coworking offices and staff with 22% SMEs and 13%  Startups and Freelancers.

The Real Estate Expert says …

How does Coworking Spaces in Metro Cities of India Rank

To ensure that your office space has the maximum options and growth, you must choose a metro city that offers the best coworking seats and spaces. Discuss with our commercial real estate experts to find a mutually beneficial option for you.


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